In 2010 Asphalt Horsemen started their rehearsal in Gödöllő (Hungary). First they led into jams of songs of bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Stone Cherry, Pride and Glory. Soon came up their own ideas of songs which were working out and tested at smaller gigs. The audience reaction was splendid as they felt heavy-load beating of southern rock on their skin. The genre what AH plays fills a gap in the rock music-scale in Hungary, it’s not really found this style among local bands.

Asphalt Horsemen was formed in 2012 by Károly Lörincz (lead voc. guitar), Géza Matyasovszky (guitar, backing voc.), Balázs Megyesi (bass, backing voc.), Gergely Farkas (drums). Members’ music experiences have been gathered from several bands (Mood, Zeus Flash, Stereochrist, Notre Dame, Snakebite) during the last 10+ years toured in Hungary and Europe. Their roots hold on to blues-rock, hardrock and sleeze, even had been some adventure in grunge, even jazz-rock and metal as well. Guitar riff themes pounds very well under tuneful vocal melodies, double guitar attack makes more compact sound, solistic patterns and solos colour it.

In 2010 they recorded „Grip In Hand” and „Run Man” songs which reflect truely to their style they aimed. By the end of 2012 they’ve finished recordings of their debut album "Dozen" to be released in March 2013. In 2012 December new drummer came to AH: István Bencsik, who played in several bands (eg. 440 Hz, Schizoid) and had a long experience of hard rock and blues.